Image by Patrick Hendry

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a chore. Both you and your pet will enjoy learning together with David Oswald. I provide innovative Dog training programs designed for casual pet owners, as well as for aspiring and experienced trainers. Check out my schedule and join one of my classes now.

Black Dog

$30 Per Session

Want to learn about science-based animal training while having a good time and meeting like-minded people? If your answer is yes, then you should consider attending one of my Pack walk classes. Pack Walk focuses on understanding your pet within the context of its blend of attitude, background, personality, surroundings, and relationships.

Rescue Puppy


Give your pet a one-on-one training session that caters to their specific needs. Privates with David is truly effective training is grounded by developing a detailed understanding and profound connection with the individual Dog. Filled with practical information and experience using effective training techniques.

Taking the dog for a walk


This course is ideal for anyone looking to broaden their animal training skills and knowledge. At Boarding, instructor Jon Doe will teach you the finer points of animal behavior modification, provide theoretical and practical experience with different training plans, and help you build the best possible relationship with your pet.