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Pawerful Pack Leaders!!

Here’s What They’re Saying

As a Dog Trainer in Everett, I make sure to give my clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. I’m proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of my valued clients. Read their critiques of my classes to check out what’s being said about me, and see why your pet should be training with me, too.

Black Lab Mix and Fluffy Dogs

David Has Truly Helped My Two Dogs and I!!!
Over the past year David Has worked one on one with my two dogs, helping me understand my Dogs Behavior and Personalities Way Better. David has taught me  how to properly care for my dogs, and how to properly care for my dogs everyday needs!
His Information on Exercise and how each dog needs a individual approach made it easier to become the leader my dogs needed!
David has been a great Motivator and a great Leader he's helped me get better dogs out of the ones I already had.

Leanna Maple

Tiny Dog Women an Pitbull American Staffordshire Terrier


Shauna Mallory

Black Lab Great Dane Mix Dog Training Walking

This is your Testimonial quote. It’s a great place to share reviews about you, your personal qualities and your services. Add client details for extra credibility and get your site visitors excited from day one!

Logan Swenson

Hoping to Serve You! and Your Dog!

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